Access Control Systems

With increasing security concerns, the saying, "Prevention is better than cure" holds truer than ever. Businesses and individuals need to have efficient control over resource access to tackle the rising security threats.

Owing to our rich experience, we understand that access control is the first and the most important step to ensure comprehensive security in your premises. We therefore provide a wide variety of innovative access control systems that enable robust and selective restriction of access to a place/ resource, at any given time.

Access Control Systems
  • Manage Access to Resources
  • Visual Verification
  • Track and Deter Access
  • Mitigate Emerging
Our access control systems allow
  • High efficiency
  • Faster processing and high performance
  • Effective management via connection through IP network
  • Easy installation
  • Robust security
Access control systems offered by us are broadly used for two different applications
Indoor Access Control Systems

We offer advanced access control systems within your premises to ensure a highly secure environment. Our indoor access control systems can also be customized to allow role-based access to specifc zones:

Role-Based Access

We also offer access control systems to allow role-based access to certain areas in your premises. Based on your objectives and requirements, our systems will enable you to prevent unauthorized entry into specific zones, allowing only people you authorize. Our team can integrate the system with your existing security system for robust security.

Outdoor Access Control Systems

Our outdoor access control systems provide you efficient entry check-allowing you to control entry into your premises. In addition, we also offer weatherproof outdoor systems. We can integrate time and attendance systems at the outdoor control systems for organized employee attendance management:

Time and Attendance

At Reliance Security, we offer a diverse array of advanced time and attendance systems that make the task of collecting and organising employee time and attendance data simple and efficient. Our time and attendance systems are also equipped with anti-passback feature, preventing misuse of the system.

Featuring an intuitive user-friendly interface, our time and attendance systems are reliable, versatile and easily scalable. Our time and attendance systems are also customizable to meet your business objectives. In addition, we can also integrate the systems with your existing software, ensuring seamless and faster transition.